Last Words

Last Words I have been privileged to witness:

“Baby Girl, if you hadn’t woke me up, I don’t think I would’ve woke up.”

“I’m not feeling so well, I think I’ll just go on out to the car.”

“I’m going home today.”

“Wven I see him, I tell him, you guhd girl.”

“Will you miss me when I leave in June?” “No.” “Oh come on, you know you’re going to miss me.” “No I won’t, either, cuz I won’t be here.”


“Mommy’s going to be okay.”

“I do wish you would just listen to Sarah Palin.”

“Oh Lord. Be with me.”

“I put on my new watch today because I’m going home.”


“She’s with me all the time now, and she won’t leave.”


“Did you see her?”

“Catch you on the flip side.”

“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.”

“I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“I’m just tired now, so very tired.”

“I think I’d rather go with that one there.” (pointing to the ceiling)

“I see it.”

“When you get married for real, you can wear this ring.” (removing her wedding ring)

“He’s sitting in the chair over there, waiting for me.”

“The doctor said I’m going to be just fine.”

“Tell my babies I love them.”

“Who is that man over there?”

“The little baby is crying over there. Go pick him up and bring him to me.”

“You’re an angel, aren’t you?”

“Thank you.”

“Turn around. I want to see your angel wings.”

“I’m going to take a long nap.”

“It will be better in the morning.”


“I just saw my Mommy. She told me she loves me. But, she was always deaf and mute. Her smile was beautiful. I’ve never heard her voice before.”



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