Paranthropology, An Anthropological Approach to the Paranormal; Guest Edited by Mark A. Schroll, PhD

Volume 8, Issue 1 includes my commentary, “Catalysts that Initiate Embodied Knowing,” beginning page 56.

Free Download and Print Copies Available for $7.71.


Editor’s Introduction: Revisiting Cultural Evolution and Technological Evolution in Consciousness Studies – Mark A. Schroll

A Quest for a Temple to Sleep In – Sarah Janes

The Big Dream and Archaeo-Geo-Neuro-Pharmaco-Parapsychological Theories – David Luke

Odin: Wandering Shaman Seeking Truth – Mark A. Schroll

Commentary: Dreams, Drugs and the Engines of Creativity – Ryan Hurd

Nature Awareness and Psychedelics: Report and Commentary on a Presentation by Ralph Metzner and Kathleen Harrison – Heather Walker

REVIEW: Dr. Strange: A Cinematic Journey into the Multiverse and Otherworldly Realities – Mark A. Schroll

REVIEW: Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing: Spiritual Interpretations of Symptoms in Medical Practices by Natalie Tobert – Teresa McLaren

Revisiting the Meaning of Chief Seattle’s Speech – Mark A. Schroll

The Meaning of the Cover Design: Envisioning a Cosmic Archetypal Model of Personality – Mark A. Schroll

The Meaning of the Hourglass Symbol – Regina U. Hess

The Archetypal Cauldron: A Clinical Application of the Anti-Hero in Transpersonal Art Therapy and the Hebraic Lore of the Golem – Claire Polansky

Catalysts that Initiate Embodied Knowing: Reflection on Individuation, Synchronicity and Ritual Space – Tanya Hurst

Reply to Tanya Hurst & Wendy E. Cousins – Claire Polansky

Commentary: Reflections on the Supernatural and its Relation to Spiritual Emergency/Emergence – Claire Polansky

Escaping the Night of the Living Dead: Toward a Transpersonal Ecosophy – Mark A. Schroll



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