Near Death Experience, 1998, Part I

I wasn’t aware that the “distressing” near death experience is rarely shared…or that there are people who need to hear their experience shared from another living being in order to heal. I was recently informed my own experience is categorized as “distressing,” though that term seems an odd choice. As such, I will share the experience here, but I warn you, the experience itself has nothing much to tell. It is the before and after experience which makes the “event.” If you have questions, you are welcome to post them here in the comments section, and I will answer to the best of my ability. Because my near death experience happened over the course of several days, my post will be in several parts.

Prior to this experience, I never gave much thought to “near death experiences.” When I did hear something on television about it, I always imagined when people referred to “the tunnel,” they were happily, peacefully, calmly floating upright, on foot, toward the light.

My near death experience was a result of hemorrhage from miscarriage and occurred at home. I lost approximately one gallon of blood and am told there was not enough blood left in my body to carry oxygen to my brain. I subsequently had surgery and a transfusion of three pints of blood.

I was going to the front door to go out to the car, in order to be taken to the hospital by a family member. A call to the hospital had confirmed I needed to be there immediately. I had just made the statement, “I don’t feel so good.” As I placed my hand on the doorknob of the front door, and opened it, I felt myself sagging to the floor against the door, and I lost consciousness.

Though I had sagged against the door to my right, I felt I was on my back, and my head was bumping against the floor. This felt very similar to the feeling of being on a fast, bumpy, wooden roller coaster ride. I heard a loud roaring sound, which I liken to that of an up close locomotive train. I was “aware” and I was “awake” but not in my living room. I could not see anything of my house, but only the tunnel. This seemed to have happened immediately.

I felt myself shooting through a tunnel, feet first, at break neck speed.  Outside the tunnel, was dark, and the space was filled with human creatures, that I can only call daemons (although I cannot quite consider them demons, either, they were in such pain) for lack of a better word. They were the epitome of all things horrible, gnashing, dark, and hideous. They were full of pain and they wanted to get a hold of me. I knew I was safe, however, that “they” could not touch me. If I had been dreaming, I would have been terrified.

Inside the tunnel, in the space that I was traveling through, was dark leading into a bright, white light, which was shining in through a hole beyond my feet. I was not traveling down or up, but rather straight through the tunnel, feet first. Though I was shooting at break neck speed, this was not a smooth ride. It was loud and bumpy. As I was nearing the light, and the noise and bumpiness began to subside, my maternal grandparents (deceased) were present. They were not present in physical form, but I could feel them there with me.

The next thing I knew, I was no longer in the tunnel.

I was up near the ceiling in my living room.. I could see my body laying on my back on the sofa. I was in the area of the living room ceiling at the end of the sofa where my feet were propped up on pillows, away from the head of my body. I could not see the face of my body, but only the side of my face, as there were medical workers surrounding the upper part of my body. They were working on me and they were very concerned and urgent. I believe, trying to remember these years later, there were two men and one woman around the sofa. I vividly recall the back of the male medical worker’s head. He had sandy blond hair, and it was a short cut. He was immediately in front of my body. One of the medical workers was standing along the back side of the sofa.

I recall thinking, “What’s the big deal?” I could not understand why everyone was so concerned about the body, because I felt fine. While I did not look down to see if I still had a body in my present state, I “felt” like I had a body. The body on the sofa was of no concern to me. I felt no pain. I felt no fear.

The next thing I knew, I was back in my body on the sofa. It happened in wharp speed. I immediately began to pull the mask off my face, and the medical workers wanted to prevent me from doing that. I felt absolutely fine. I pulled the mask off my face, and I saw my daughter (age 8 at the time) kneeling beside me on the floor, beside the sofa, on my right side. I knew she was very frightened. I touched her and told her, “Mommy is okay. Mommy is going to be okay.” I also told her, “I love you.” and “Don’t be afraid.” The medical workers replaced the mask on my face.

The next thing I recall is waking up in the ambulance as it was leaving. The medical workers were having to constantly pull the linens from under me and replace them with clean linens. I felt very bad for causing the medical professionals to have to do such a thing and I felt bad for making such a mess. I recall repeatedly apologizing to them, and I recall their responses were very kind. I also recall they continued to sound very afraid and urgent. I could hear the fear in their voices.

The next thing I recall is laying on my back in a hospital bed in the hospital. I wake up fully, and I feel “tingly.” I hear someone say, “She’s tapping out!” I know this is not good. That is the last of my recollection prior to surgery.

Because I want to keep my personal commentary and opinion separate from the facts as I recall them, I will post my opinion separate.

– Tanya

(I searched out a photo to include here, that best fits the tunnel as I recall it. I was laying on my back, with my feet aimed toward the light, in a tunnel that looked like this, only perhaps without the ridges.)DARK TUNNEL


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