On Growth…Breaking the Ground


On Growth…Breaking the Ground


Bite the Dust
Young Seedling
blinded by the light of what you can be

Cough. Cough.
a mouthful of iniquity

Young and Strong
standing tall among them
changing the winds with your will and worthiness

trampled by Mr. Couldn’t Care Less

“You can’t learn to lead people! Leaders are born! You are not a leader! You will never be a leader!”

withered and wilt
stooped at the neck
contemplating the fall

thinking pesticide
is it worth it at all?

so far down you can’t see up
…wanting to give up

you need guts!

A drop of honey-morning dew
from your fragile vision
falls on the scorched earthworm

Earthworm looks up
…and smiles.

“We go places you have never been.”


This was published in some anthology a long time ago. I think it was called “Clouds Across the Sky,” or something like that. The book is around here somewhere. My writes in the 90s were very juvenile, in my opinion.


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